Sunday, July 13, 2008

An Early Morning Walk in the Garden

The Growing Seasons had brought some challenges to the Garden: a prolonged, cool, wet, slow Spring, and an early Summer 10 inch rain in 5 days which turned the Garden Soil to the consistency of chocolate pudding (and later hardpan when the Soil dried).

During the wet, Weeds grew just out of reach. Many Seeds and Plants could not survive the swamp. We Humans tended what we could reach. The Rabbits did too. We kept checking disease and pest books for every new and unwanted change.

We did what we could. We dug little ditches to get the water off more effectively. We planted and re-planted. For many days, Storms and what seemed like Often Angry Skies were constant companions. Not much seemed to work. Progress seemed elusive. Had we bitten off more than we could chew?

You wouldn't know any of that on this Day.

As the soft Early Morning Sunlight began to spill in, I headed out for a Walk in the Garden . My eyes, heart and camera were open and ready for all that might greet me at the beginning of this day.
Magic abounds. At long last, the Garden is growing in profusion. A good start for the Walk is the Rainbow Gate.The Big Hen House seems to be getting smaller as the plants grow and grow.

The Teepee barely can contain the Native American heirloom plants which are at the center of a Medicine Wheel garden. Richard's Melons, Cantaloups, and Squashes are taking off.Glinda's Mandan Bride Corn sports tassels with pollen grains that fall down on silks and enabling ears to grow below.Horticulture Beans reach high for the sky.The newly installed Bird Bath invites Birds to partner in the Garden. We love their company in the Garden. Plus we have some bugs that we hope will make them tasty treats.
Looking closer, the Garden is beginning to produce in profusion, tickling the fancy of our Culinary Delights.Garden paths invite endless inner and outer exploration through all of these beautiful things.

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