Saturday, July 5, 2008

Fashion Statements

This little epistle which accompanies the above photo has 2 parts that wind up at the same place:

1st: I am at my happiest when I have soil underneath my nails. You could call it a Fashion Statement via Butterfly Hill Farm. Who are those folks out there in some far off place who set trends that we are all supposed to follow? A robot, I am not. They haven't even been to this Farm. That sounds a little pretentious to me.

2nd: The Gardeners I know are exuberant about giving plants away. I don't know what it is. But you plant the little one from seed, watch her/him grow, see the habit they take on, find a perfect place for them to grow, watch the now big plant turn into a lot more little plants. The bond with the plant is hard to describe. I find myself filled with awe and gratitude at the process of which I am blessed to be a part. Something magical happens. This Great Abundance of the Earth to little old me makes me eager to share with other gardening kindred spirits. The Earth has been bountiful to me and I in turn just have to give some of this away. This little treasure is Evening Primrose and it was from fellow gardener John Rowe. (Thanks, John!)

Can you even imagine a world where these 2 little practices became commonplace? Just maybe, lavishing soil under the nails and giving plants away are practices just waiting to come into fashion. Now those are fashions of which I desire to be a part.

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