Saturday, May 2, 2009


Flowers are everywhere. All of Nature seems to be breaking out in bloom. Wisps and bold brush strokes of color appear where one least expects it. Views change overnight. The beauty is breathtaking.

We have a lovely Redbud in our yard. Redbuds are small trees common to the understory and the edges of forests in these parts. Ours is surrounded by lawn. I think Redbuds much prefer the company and protection of larger trees. We shall have to work on that.

In the meantime, one of our Lilac bushes is blooming in profusion. That heavenly scent makes me smile. It is a smile that stretches from years ago as I remember the Lilacs of my childhood to this very moment in my life. All the Ladies of my childhood seemed to love Lilacs. It wasn't a farm without Lilacs. Today I love them as an adult and it is so right to have them blooming on this little Farm.

We have 2 Lilac bushes at the front of the house. One is doing well and the other has surely suggested that it would like to move because it is not doing very well. I think that the downspout gives it too much water for its taste. Lilacs are prone to mildew and fungus.

I do see some vigorous sprouts coming up from the Soil. I think this Lilac could surely be divided into a Lilac hedge. My preference would be to put it next to cement pad at the opening to the garage.

Yesterday, I took a bouquet of Lilacs into Mother. She loved it. Today, when I arrived at the Nursing Home, a little boy of about 5 had a Lilac branch. He said he loved them. He was going from Resident to Resident, letting them smell the lovely Flowers. More than just the Lilac bloomed from this simple little act of sharing.

We have passed the peak bloom of the Wild Plums. The rains of the last few days surely shortened their season. They looked like clouds of white in their vigorous little groves. This one looked like a bouquet for a bride. Today, Sarah and Jason are being married up at her home church in Halma, Minnesota. If she were here, I would pick her a bouquet from all the Flowers I could find. What a beautiful season to begin a commitment and a new journey together.

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