Sunday, January 31, 2010

Carrying Forward

January 26:

This little gathering of Treasures helps me remember that many things of critical importance to the Act of Living are passed down between Generations.

Richard's Mother Ethel May Kirkpatrick Crawford created the little Quilt when she was 6 or 7 years old. As the story goes, she sat at the Feet of her Mother while her Mother was sewing at the Treadle Sewing Machine. I can almost hear its rhythmic sound. Her Mother Edna Bell Collier Kirkpatrick would pass down scraps of fabric which little Ethel May would sew into her own Quilt.

Ethel sewed beautiful Quilts throughout her Life. This is known to be her 1st and it was at her Mother's knee.

The Glasses are believed to be those of my Great Grandmother Matilda Waibel Brenz. For sure, they are from the Brenz side. They have 1 ear piece missing, but it does not matter to me.

My Mother has often talked about the many talents of her Grandmother. She has often talked of the many precious trips that she made there as a young Child often on a Sunday with her Father Fred Albert Brenz.

When I think of those visits, I wonder how many precious teachings the Elder passed onto the Granddaughter. I also wonder what of those have come (or should come) down to me.

I purchased the Oak Table from my "art money". The table came from a 2nd hand store in Grand Rapids, Minnesota, in the early 1980s. We were told at the time that the table was about 100 years old. As near as could be told, it was believed to have been the Dining Room Table of 1 Family. That Family had 10 who sat around it. I can imagine they needed to use most of the 4 somewhat matched leaves. Again, I wonder about the teachings shared over the Table.

I like to have in our Home older things that remind us of earlier Generations. They are "odds and ends". Some Folks who frequent those upscale trendy furnishings places might call them "junk". Mostly, I do not care if they are tattered and worn. The wearing of Human Touch and Story makes them more of a Treasure to me.

We 3 C's surely do invite into our Lives essential teachings from earlier Generations that are about Life and Skills of Living. These humble Treasures are a visible sign of that invitation. In these modern times with our Culture's obsession toward "new" and "improved", those Treasures about Living which have withstood the test of time should never be dropped. It is our role to carry them forward.

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