Sunday, January 10, 2010

In His Grip

January 7:

Winter had us firmly in His Grip. We had Snow, 17 mph Winds, with maximum of 24 mph and Wind Gusts to 35 mph. We watched our new Chimney for the Wood Stove closely and express our gratitude for the Loving and Skillful Hands which crafted it.

The minimum Temperature was 2 degrees with a maximum of 15. Averages for that date would have been 17 and 32 respectively.

For the next 3 days, the temperatures will be bitter cold. We have a Wind Chill Warning in effect until Noon on Saturday.We are left with many things to ponder. It is true that the conditions do not compare to our 32 years of experiences in North Dakota. We lived in town then and now we live in the Country.

Over time, we were prepared in the North Country, as much as we could be. We didn't take chances. Winter commanded a kind of respect that was due. Humans knew they were small in the scheme of things.

Many Folks around here are not exactly prepared for such challenges. We just hope and pray that Folks are Warm and Safe in these parts. We are grateful for all that we have. Nature provides. We just need to stay inbetween the Lines She has created for Living.

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Stephanie said...

The whole country is freezing. Over here in southern Illinois many have been caught unprepared for this type of weather. We are blessed that there has been snow and not ice so far. I have lived in this area for the past four years and the average temps have been 40s and 50s with an occasional dip into freezing but never this low for this long. Though it has been a challenge I also see it as a boon. The insect population, germs and viruses should take quite a hit with this freeze!