Monday, January 18, 2010

Seed Orders Planned

Tonight, we held a Family Conference right here in front of the warmth of the Wood Stove on Butterfly Hill Farm. After we each did our homework, we reviewed all the Seeds we plan to order.

Melanie and Richard will work on ordering tomorrow. I note that our ordering occurred January 14, 2008, and January 15, 2009. We are right on schedule.

Between the 3 of us, we each seem to take the lead on different things in the Garden. That permits us to fan out and develop complementary knowledge which supports the whole Garden. Without the Teamwork which has developed, we would not have been able to done so many things.

For me, my focus is on Cabbages, Beets, 3 Sisters Gardens (Indian Corn, Beans, Squash), Leeks, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes. I can't forget to name the Dry Edible Beans, of which I grew 20 varieties this past year. I will grow more this year. I love my Dry Edible Beans.

Melanie takes the lead on all things Weird and Wacky. (She didn't think I would write that.) Seriously, she is focused on Greens, Peanuts, Lettuces, other Brassicas, Okra, Celery and Celeriac, Edamame, Medicinal Herbs, Edible Flowers, Radishes, Parsnips and Rutabagas, Flowers, Eggplant, Job's Tears, Funky Colored Things (like Carrots, Beans, Radishes), Tomatillos. She tends to shy away from plants that come with Bugs.

She and her Dad both focus on Tomatoes and Peppers. We all do Garlic and Culinary Herbs.

Richard does Potatoes, Corn, Peas, Carrots, Green Beans, Onions, Sorghum Cane, Field Corn, Melons, Squash, Cucumbers. Most of what he does is for canning or preserving, except the Cucumbers.

This is our 4th year to order for the Farm. The 1st 3 years took a huge amount of time. That's because we were going head to head against the Unknown. That may be a kinder way of saying that in a lot of matters, we didn't exactly know what we were doing.

These days, more is known. We still have a lot to learn. But things are going quicker and more smoothly. For that and so many other things, we are deeply grateful.

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Sue said...

It's difficult to "restrain" myself when it comes to ordering seeds. For a small price, one can order a world of possibilites. I've done the bulk of my ordering this year from Heirloom Seeds. They really have excellent customer service and with over 1100 varieties, I have no trouble finding what I need.
Best to you!