Friday, January 8, 2010

Family Stories Flow

These days, I am really drawn to Cooking. And Eating. During the Harvest Season, we had little time for the extension of Culinary Crafts beyond Freezing, Canning, Drying, Storing.

But I am now a little more rested. Plus, I am not so stretched in what seemed like a 1000 directions. With that Bitter Cold out there, I just want to "stoke that Fire".

I am remembering Recipes that I had not thought of for some time. They just come out of the Blue. They tickle and tease me. They create a yearning in me. Imbedded throughout are memories of Old Ones who have gone before, of earlier Stages of my Life, and of Family Stories.

And once again, I go to the Cookbooks and the voluminous assortment of Recipes collected over the years. Those Recipes sit in a special box which resembles an overstuffed Pillow. They are in the Handwriting of the Old Ones and of Me at far younger stages than I am now. Some even have samples which have long since faded.

Once again, I do my dance in the Kitchen. This time, I am wearing my new Apron that Deleta made for me at Christmas. Over time, lovely aromas dance out of the Kitchen too. Those Aromas seem to come along with a hand which gently gestures that index finger: "Come, come. Do come." And with them, the Family Stories flow.

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