Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weather Data

WeatherUnderground gives me the following data from the Last 4 Days. That Wood Stove sure feels good.

January 10: Temperature: Maximum:+19; Minimum: -15; Wind: Average: 7mph; Maximum Wind: 12mph; Maximum Gusts: 25mph

January 9: Temperature: Maximum:+12; Minimum: -14; Wind: Average: 5mph; Maximum Wind: 9mph; Maximum Gusts: 12mph

January 8: Temperature: Maximum:+10; Minimum: -3; Wind: Average: 10mph; Maximum Wind: 18mph; Maximum Gusts: 24mph

January 7: Temperature: Maximum:+15; Minimum: +2; Wind: Average: 17mph; Maximum Wind: 24mph; Maximum Gusts: 35mph
Notes: Deleta: Is this consistent with what you have read? Richard thinks it is off. I don't have amounts of snow. Photo: Bird Wings on Snow, or are they Angel Wings?

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