Thursday, January 21, 2010

We Gather Rainwater

The Indoor Plants absolutely love Rainwater. They are really smart. They know right away that City Water is not Rainwater. They seem to go on "Slow Down" or "On Strike" if they are served up City Water. So to keep Peace among all Beings in the Household (which is important), we are always on the lookout for Rainwater.

Gathering Rainwater in the Winter is possible but it takes some extra thought. Whenever we have Ice or Snow, we smile with that luscious Cover accumulating on the Roof. And we wait patiently for those moments when that Beautiful Thaw begins.

Richard heads outside with those Beautiful Green 5 Gallon Pickle Buckets, and we stock up on Rainwater. At any given time after our Harvest of Water, you might find up to 7-5 Gallon Buckets Full of Water in the House. Our Indoor Plants are positively Gleeful. They seem to be jumping for Joy.

So when we had that Ice this week and it showed signs of melting, we were gathering up Buckets and keeping an ear open for that lovely sound of water running down the Downspout. Life on the Farm seems to focus on the Beauty and Wonder of Simple Things.

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