Sunday, January 3, 2010

Closer than We Were Before

"Simplicity" is 1 of our express desires in our move to this Little Farm. The House is small, which on the surface, suits our fancy quite well. But the House has its own idyosynchrasies and demands on its occupants which present a quandary for our desire for simplicity.

Our Furniture fit sort of perfectly in our space up North. It only took 31 years of acquisition to find the right pieces and their right places. That Furniture was purchased and arranged for another House. Most of it does work here but some just doesn't. Maybe we need to begin focusing on outfitting this House, rather than being stuck on the Former One. We need to "give up" that which does not work.

Further, our desire for "Simplicity" meant a sizeable reduction in our Material Goods prior to our move. That felt very good. However, we still have and needed a lot of stuff.

For example, living simply does demand its own special equipment. "Canning" and "preserving" one's own Food require a considerable array of Jars, Lids, Rims, Canners, Dehydrators, Baggies, Freezers, Pantries, Storage and Space, to name only a few. That's only a start of the challenges. I won't detail "crafting", "meditating", "library", but you get the drift.

I look at the Houses of Family Members who lived in an earlier time. I am just in awe. We are by no means even close. But we are closer than we were before.

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