Friday, January 8, 2010


As I ponder this Bitter Cold and the Recent Winter Storm on our Little Farm, I wonder how the Old Ones forecasted Weather. Their Lives depended on it. They didn't have WeatherUnderground and some fancy schmancy Weather Person dancing in front of a Map on the Evening News. They had to do it themselves.

I am convinced that to be successful, they had to be quite sophisticated about it. Jason Schaefer, 1 of my former students, said that his Grandpa knows how to forecast weather.

What did they know that we now know so little about? I wonder about those Barometers which were common fair in Homes in an earlier day. Were they part of the mix too?

Years ago, I remember sitting out back with Richard's Mother. I was a young adult with Papers of 1 who was educated. We had been through a particularly dry spell that kept all the locals buzzing. I knew it had been dry but I wasn't quite as energized by such discussions.

On that occasion, I noted some dark clouds coming in from the West. I said: "Look! I think we may be getting some Rain." To which, that Wise Woman responded: "Pshaw. That's just Wind." I remember she got up and began to "batton down the hatches", which is shorthand for making sure that which will blow away is anchored down. Some moments later, the Wind blew through with a vigor that stunned me.

And I was left with a question which I have carried with me all my Life: "How did she know that?"

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