Friday, January 1, 2010


Producing our own Food gives us much to ponder. I can imagine that the Earth has some whimsical Smiles on her Face as she watches we 3 Humans opening to the lessons. Many days, we just have questions. No answers. Just questions.
  • What changes are going on in our Bodies in the midst of Nature's Seasonal Shifts?
  • What should we eat to be in better sync with Nature's Seasonal Shifts? Some things are obvious. We naturally gravitate toward Hot Soups, Stews, Roasts and Meats during the Winter Season. Such things seem to "stoke the Fire" in our Bellies and Bodies. On the other hand, those brisk Winter Temperatures and Winds seem to be trying to take that Fire away.
  • What changes happen in our Bodies at a cellular or biochemical level to accomodate those Seasonal Shifts?
  • We have been eating Local Foods as a major part of our diet the last 3 years and especially this year. What changes have been going on in us? Has eating those Local Foods helped us acclimate to our New Home? For the latter, we think so.

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