Monday, January 25, 2010

Looking Ahead

January has been designated as our time of much needed rest. We 3 C's (and especially me) are somewhat in denial that another Gardening Season may be right around the corner. We even wondered whimsically if we delayed putting away the Christmas decorations, maybe we would have more time to rest before Spring. But alas, the Wheel of the Seasons and of Life Itself continue to turn. We Humans are not in charge.

Seeds have arrived from 3 Companies of the 5 from which we ordered. Next week, we begin planting the Seeds that need the longest time before planting in the Garden. How can that be? That means that the Shelves should be put up too.

This week, I need to get serious about Potting Soil. I do not want to order or buy a Commercial Mix. I wonder what the Old Timers did. We Creatures of the early 21st Century seem addicted to all the Advertised Wares in the Seller's Bins. Worse, yet we seem helpless sometimes in finding our way through some things that should be pretty simple.

We are trying to turn some of that around. Potting Soil seems a good place to start, but we depend on those Plants for Food.

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