Friday, February 26, 2010

144 Cabbage Seedlings

The Cabbage Seeds that I planted February 17 (9 days ago) have produced many Seedlings. The Seeds generally were very prolific, even the Older Ones (from 2008 and 2009).

I planted 3 Varieties: (1) and (2)Danish Ballhead (Seeds from 2008 and 2009; a good Kraut Cabbage), (3) Premium Late Flat Dutch (2008); (4) Henderson Charleston Wakefield (2008). Only the Premium Late Flat Dutch did not do so well. I wonder if it was because the Seeds were Old. They were also slower to germinate. The Seedlings from the other Cabbages had a jump start and may have shaded out the Wakefield Cabbage Plants.

I usually plant the Seeds in the Wooden Flats that Richard created for me. From what I have read, Seedlings like to grow in the company of each other. This goes "to a point". When their leaves touch, they begin to try to grow tall to outcompete. This can weaken plants. Surely my Seedlings did grow fast and tall.

Today was a "Leaf Day", so I transplanted them to 9 packs (3 by 3s). I was careful to bury them deep, so that 1st growth of Leaves would be as close to the Soil line as possible. I will transplant them again when their Leaves touch. At that point, I will put them in the larger 2 by 2 Pots which are deep. I know that will happen fast. I expect it will be sometime in the next week.

I absolutely love this stage. I love working in the Soil, especially when Winter seems so apparent outside. The Plants are new; they have literally unfurled themselves from their tiny Cocoons which we know as Seeds. They have done this whole process right before my Eyes. I love carefully handling those little Plants and imagining how strong and beautiful they will grow.

Admittedly, I have a lot of Cabbage Seedlings: 144 total. I have a hard time destroying Seedlings. For me, Seeds and Seedlings and Plants are Living Beings, just as I am a Living Being. I try to treat them with the utmost respect.

So, I just plant them all. That does present a dilemma, because soon, they will take a lot of Window Space and a lot of Soil to replant as they grow. Plus, we won't be planting 144 in our Garden here. We don't have the Space. Besides that, we 3 C's won't be using 144 Cabbages over the Summer. While we love Kraut, we surely will not be making that much. (She says all these things will a smile; her Family is smiling in the background.)

I have asked Kristina if she would like Cabbage Plants. She said, yes! I will be asking more. Hollis and Deleta? Gerald and Connie? Sarah? Others? Yes, I do have Cabbages to share. That assumes they do well. They should be ready to put into the ground by the end of March.

Next year, I need to pay more attention to the number of Seeds that I plant. Yes, I am always learning.

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