Thursday, February 4, 2010


Today we have company. Etta, who is 2 1/2, has joined us for the morning. She and her Family are our Neighbors. They are also "Homesteaders".

Etta and Melanie began their morning together by reading. Now they are making an Apple Cake. Those Golden Delicious Apples are from our Tree. They are really holding up very well after their Harvest in the Fall.

Melanie and Etta went to the Basement Refrigerator to gather Apples. They carefully put the Apples in their Pockets and walked back up the Stairs.

Melanie wore that Apron when she was just about the same age. I puzzled over where familiar Apron came from. At 1st I thought Grandma Ethel made it for Melanie, but later thought it was from my Great Aunt Lula Myers Hart. Aunt Lu was always giving Melanie Aprons when Melanie was Wee Small.

In the Summer, we would go visit Aunt Lu at the Baptist Home for the Aged in Ironton, Missouri. Aunt Lu who was in her 90s at the time would have little gifts for all of us, but especially for Melanie. I suspect she made some, while others came from the Residents' Gift Shop.

While I sit here musing over these things, I hear that precious Musical Voice of the Young Child coming from the Kitchen. I smile. In fact, All Beings and the Earth Herself must smile at this Glorious Sound.

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