Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Seed Bank

We are getting more serious about Garden 2010. Tonight, we went through our "Seed Bank", which includes Seeds we have collected over the last couple of years, plus all those new ones that have arrived from our order.

We had Seed Packets all over the Living Floor. We separated the Seeds into Stashes according to who was going to be planting what: Richard's Stash, Melanie's Stash, Glinda's Stash. Although there is some overlap, we each mostly specialize in the groups of Plants we intend to grow. It just is easier that way.

Melanie and I are planting several inside as Transplants. We separated the Seed Packets according to how long the Plants need to be planted before they go into the big Garden. That was the 1st step.

Since we are planting them biodynamically (using the 2010 Stella Natura Working with Cosmic Rhythms Calendar), we separated them into piles according to Leaf, Flower, Root, and Fruit. For example, Melanie will plant "Eggplants" tomorrow on a Fruit Day. This should be optimal for its growing since it is the Fruit that we want.

This whole exercise took a bit of doing. But Garden 2010 is beginning to take on a bit of order. And that feels good.

In the meantime, more Leeks have sprouted. And those Tiny Little Sprouts are beginning to take on that beautiful color Green.

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