Thursday, February 4, 2010

Planting Begins and Notes to Self

We begin planting today. Richard brought in Shelves that he made last year. We have 3 South Facing Windows which are a beautiful fit for growing Seedlings. Our little House will become a Green House for Garden 2010. The Flats will be in areas where we frequent so we can watch them grow, whisper words of praise at their growing, and listen for their tender vibrant messages for their Human Friends too.

Richard's focus today is on growing Onions. He took a plastic tub which has deteriorated, added some holes for drainage, put a lid underneath to catch the water, and added a mix of the Good Stuff that the Seedlings will grow within.

For the whole process, he has organized our Ingredients of Compost, Oak Leaves, Egg Shells, Wood Ash. He has even gathered some of our Garden Soil. We wanted more, but it is too wet. We needed to add "fluff", so we are using sparely Peat Moss. Peat Moss is from Peat Bogs which are being depleted; while we are using far less this year, we will work on an alternative here.

This is a "Root Day" so I will be planting Leeks too. I think Melanie is going to plant Celeriac. This was new to us last year and we loved it. We used it as an alternative to White Potatoes. We will do our planting mostly this Afternoon.

In the midst of beginning planting, the whole process seems a little Foreign. It was a year ago when we began planting and a lot of new information has come down the pike since then.

We are making some Notes to Self: (1) In the Fall, be sure to gather Big Containers of Compost and Garden Soil. We forgot the Garden Soil and it is too wet to use much of it. The Containers are stored in the Shed and brought in to warm up just before planting. (2) Don't forget to keep Good Notes. For those Notes that I keep, I need to place them in a location where they are easily locatable for the next go around. Where are those notes? (3) We need an ample supply of Rain Water. The Seeds and Seedlings will be far happier with Nature's Blessings rather than Water Filtered through the Human Science. (4) When we gather those big Plastic Containers of Compost in the Fall as preparation for Planting, we should not stack them without their Lids, unless we desire to carry them inside the House in a Stack.

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