Thursday, February 18, 2010

On the Road

Melanie and I have headed to Beatrice, Nebraska, to visit Allison. Allison is Family we chose from our Grand Forks days. She and Melanie have a little sister/big sister relationship.

Allison is in a community players' production which we will see tomorrow evening ("Beauty and the Beast"), hence our decision to travel at this time. She is on staff with the National Park Service at Homestead National Monument. We will "cruise"there on Friday to see her in her work role, with the added benefit of focusing on family and regional history. Allison is at home in her 1st house (which we had not seen). We are excited. We return to the Farm on Saturday.

Yes, we do get off the Farm once in a while. And yes, Richard is home misting Seeds and Seedlings and keeping up with more than a full slate of chores. Plus, he gets his own retreat. More later...

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