Thursday, February 25, 2010


Gazing at that thick blanket of Snow
and feeling the Early Morning Cold,
one might conclude we are in Winter's Grip.
Listening deeper,
we hear murmurings
of the next act of the Grand Play:
Water is draining down spouts.
Great Horned Owls are on territory.
They are either on nest or will be soon.
Cardinals, Chickadees, Titmice are courting.
Rusty, the Red-headed Woodpecker
who frequents our backyard feeder,
shows signs of changing
from a juvenile Brown Head to Red.
Goldfinches and Purple Finches are coloring up.
Spring wardrobes are being donned.
A small Kettle of Red tailed Hawks
were seen grouping
to begin their northward flight.
The Sun marches north in the Sky.
The full Moon moves southward.
Taurus is overhead at Human Bedtime
here on the Farm.
The Sun came up
at 6:54 a.m. yesterday
and 6:53 today.
The Sun fills the House with warmth.
We need less Wood in the Wood Stove.
Kansas fields of Winter Wheat
showed Travelers a haze of expectant Green.
Melanie used the rest of the Fall Apples.
Empty Jars are piling up.
Seedlings sprout in South Windows
with more to come.
I am getting up earlier
and I have more energy.
Melanie and I want
less "meat" and more "veggies".
Murmurings are more persistent now.
Soon they will rise to crescendo.
I wonder
if Sleeping Frogs
are beginning to stir.
Perhaps they are practicing a call
we will soon hear and cheer.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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