Monday, February 8, 2010

Hanging Out with their Humans

February 7:

Although the Day has been relatively Warm and Sunny for Winter, the Chickens were mostly hanging out in their Coop. The Snow is deep enough in places that it presents a challenge for Chicken Feet. Plus, the Snow has covered a lot of their Food, except for the Bird Seed our Resident Ornithologist puts out for the Wild Birds.

We 3 Humans took a walkabout on the Loop around the Farm. When we returned, we found the Chickens at the Gate, which was open. They really wanted to come out and especially since their Human Family was right there. As we Humans hung around the Backyard, our Chicken Companions just couldn't contain themselves.

Out they came, walking tentatively on the Path in single file on the Straw that Melanie had put out for them. The Humans just smiled. Melanie said they looked like they were crossing a High Mountain Pass. But no, they were navigating the terrain to hang out with their Humans on a beautiful Wintry Day in Northeast Missouri.

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