Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Leeks Are Up

February 8:

The Leeks are up. Note the tiny little white Loops coming up out of the rich Soil Mix that Richard put together. Those are Baby Leeks.

Richard and I both checked the Leeks when we 1st got up this morning. We didn't see anything except for a few Weed Seeds, which I pulled. Leeks are Monocots (meaning 1 Leaf emerges) and the Weed Seeds have been Dicots (2 Leaves emerge) so they are easy to differentiate.

I keep misting them with Rain Water to make sure Seeds and Soil are "evenly moist". Later in the Morning, Melanie reported that the Leeks were up. We are excited and cruised right by to check things out.

I find Seeds and Growing Things a Glimpse at the Great Mystery and an Expression of Love. They stop me in my tracks every time.

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