Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Day after the Big Snow

Richard "busts out". Since we have no Tractor or Blade, he heads up and down the Drive into the Lane in his trusty "Runner". While it is a bit dicey in a couple of spots, he does not "bottom out". In those moments, Runner and Richard just seem like 2 Kids playing in the Snow.

Later, Melanie, Laddie, and I head up the Drive to the Mailbox using the Runner's Robust Tracks. This is a great day to meditate on the virtues of a Tractor, which we do not have and can't quite figure out how we would get.

In the meantime, the Garden slumbers underneath the Snow. I can almost get a sense of the Garlic, Strawberries, Herbs beginning to do their Early Spring "Wiggle". They are getting eager. For us, some Gardening tasks are beginning to be more clearly in focus. We Humans still are in time of slumber too, but the urgency is beginning to pick up.

In the meantime, the Seeds we planted are bursting forth in their "primo" spots by the South Windows in the House. Last year, I had over 40 Cabbage Seedlings. This year, there surely must be over a hundred. I must have had terrific Germination, as they all seem to want to be present and be accounted for in the upcoming Garden. What was I thinking? When I cast those tiny Petunia Seeds on the Soil, they were so small, I just threw on some more. Judging by the tiny Leaves which are pushing up from the Soil, I am going to have a bunch of those too.The Hennies venture out of their House. I think those 1st 3 look like a Chicken House Rendition of the June Taylor Dancers or Radio City Music Hall. With their cramped space because Deep Snow is all around, the Chickens are getting bored. Their boredom can result in picking on each other.Ever attentive toward their Needs and their Comfort, Melanie spreads Alfalfa Hay which they love.I accompany Richard when he replenishes Feeding Stations for the Wild Birds and Deer. It is an absolutely beautiful Day.

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Sue said...

It all looks so wonderful! Lucky you. Glad you get out to enjoy the beauty of it all (and share photos!)