Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Snowy Day

February 5:

I am not so sure what it is about a Snowy Day that just makes my Spirit soar. I want to get out, walk, push my Feet through the Snow, and explore.

Everything is new. That White Blanket turns everything into Magic. New Views and Smells abound in every Step. Today is relatively Warm with a Light Breeze. The Snow is about 4 Inches deep and perfect pack for some kind of Snow Sculpture.

We 3 C's bundle up and head for a Walk About. Nature is in her Finest Glory. It is almost like she has put on Her Best Dress for the Day. But I suppose She does that every day. Today, we just seem more intent on noticing.

We explore, poking around in any of those places which seem to draw our attention. Melanie's sharp Eyes pick out a Blue Bird which looks down from the Tree at the 3 Humans.

We stop at the Hole in the Big Old Maple Tree where the Flying Squirrels live. The Hole, which is at a Fork in the Tree is almost completely banked with Snow. "Is anyone home?" I ask. Quick as a flash, the Squirrel peers out at me and then in an eyeblink is back in again.

On the way back to the House, we note several Male Cardinals. Their Glorious Red Apparel stands out like Christmas Lights against the Gray and White Background. We 3 Humans must look pretty dull alongside.

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