Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weather Forecast

We have a Winter Storm Watch for our area from Sunday through Monday Evening. Six inches of Snow are forecast, on top of the 4 inches or so that we got yesterday. "Bitter Cold" is expected. After 32 years of living in North Dakota, I think that "Bitter" is relative. Yes, it will be cold and People should be prepared.

These days, we 3 C's keep our eyes on WeatherUnderground. A Farmer surely has to keep an eye on the Weather. The Folks at WeatherUnderground are doing the work for us. We Humans think we are so smart. Yet, we Modern Humans have disconnected ourselves from "knowing" these things ourselves. I think that comes at a Huge Loss. Why would we want to do that? Why would we give that knowing away?

What did the Old Timers do? What about the Animals, Insects, Plants? What is their knowing? Their Lives depend (and depended) upon such Sophistication and Skill.

We 3 C's are ever watchful of our Friends in Nature. These are some of the things that we have noted in Nature and wondered about the 2-Leggeds who came before:
  • We see Birds eating intensely before Storms, especially during the Winter Season. Sometimes, they seem to have an agitation, too.
  • We see Birds eating intensely before Migration. We have watched this for years. After that day of intense eating where great numbers of Birds would be present, the next day they would be gone. The yard would be empty of that Bird Species. We came to say "Good-bye" whenever we saw this behavior.
  • We watched those strings of Canada Geese flying low and very intent as they flew over our House. They were coming in just before a Storm. Did they know?
  • Richard says Birds may be sensing due to "infrasounds". He says Birds may be able to hear Thunder 200 miles away. It is likely other Animals can too.
  • I wonder if Animals "feel" barometric pressure. He said that would be hard to measure but certainly worthy of consideration.
  • I checked out of this Entry and onto my FaceBook. The Indigenous Environmental Network had posted an article on how Butterflies use Wind.
  • For as long as I remember, my Parents had a "Barometer" in their House. These were common fixtures in many Homes. How were they used? I do remember my Parents looking at it when I was a Young Child. I also remember that weather forecasts often talked about Barometric Pression. As the years went on, that Barometer just hung in their House ever so pretty, but alone and largely forgotten.

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