Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We have been "decorating" the Stairwell to the Basement. Actually, we have been making it more functional, but it does have a decorative touch. It makes our Little House seem more like a Home.

1st, we put up some Coat Hooks for the outside Farm Clothes. (They are on the left and out of view in this photo.) This House does not have a Back Porch which would be ideal for this function, but this little addition seems to be doing the trick.

We have added some Posters that have meaning to us. One of them is a Poster which gives information on Clouds. This will likely change over time, based upon what we want to learn at the time.

In this Photo, Melanie is putting up the Designs that the Permaculture Groups did for our Farm last September. These drawings keep us focused on Plans and Dreams ahead. We surely cannot do them all at once but it will be neat to see how the Farm unfolds.

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