Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Before Bed

One of the best times to be in the Coop with the Littles is just before they go to bed. They are jumping up on roosting places to settle before bed. They especially like the Jungle Gyms that Richard created and any Human who might care to join them.

They are curious. They are settling in for a slower and a quieter time. They preen, going through those night time rituals of a bath before bed, which is not exclusive to the Humans.

They surely are growing. Their down has been replaced by their juvenile Feathers. Yet, they are still quite small. The Roosters and the Hens are easier to tell apart although the jury is still out on some. At 6 weeks, they have a lot of growing to do. We are blessed that they have joined us at this little Farm.

And in case you wondered, those Littles are (from left to right) a Delaware, Barred Rock, and 2 White Plymouth Rocks. That's what kind they are. As yet, their names are unknown to the Writer of this Little Blog.

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