Thursday, June 24, 2010

Wild Ride

Years ago, I rode
"Mr. Toad's Wild Ride" in Disney World.
Smiling and expectant Travelers
seated themselves
in rickety old time looking Cars
with steering wheels and brakes
which didn't work.
We headed straight ahead.
Walls appeared.
Car veered immediately
90 degrees right or left.
We never knew which way
until we got there.
Walls appeared and disappeared.
Passengers put on invisible brakes.
None needed.
We lurched through the ride
making sharp turns
when we least expected it,
accompanied by our own peels of laughter.
That little Ride
has been a metaphor for my Life.
Why should I be surprised
when our own version
of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride
appears in the Garden?
Garden is soupy wet after daily rains.
Temperatures vary daily
between summertime cool and intense heat.
Humidity soars,
bringing more Storms and Rains.
Plants grow by leaps and bounds.
They are sturdy,
providing serious intentions
for providing us Food.
We see changes
in their growing
from 1 trip to the Garden into the next.
And did I mention Weeds?
We have weeded everywhere,
and recently.
In some parts of the Garden,
we have diligently weeded in the last day or 2.
In others, the Weeds are intent
in outperforming other attractions.
Most of the Tomatoes
are weeded and mulched.
They look absolutely beautiful.
Half are staked.
The top of Richard's agenda last night
was staking Tomatoes,
until he discovered
Deer Tracks in the Garden this morning.
He headed off to get more fencing.
Can you hear his Car racing into the distance?
About 2/3 of the fence is 6 feet tall.
The remainder is 3 feet.
Hopefully increasing the height will do the trick.
He's also looking for materials for staking the Tomatoes.
As he went out the door,
he said:
"Who knows how much
I'll get done today?"
I have town stuff to do today.
Melanie reports
Apricots in boxes
are ripening quickly.
She's "jamming" today.
It's just another day
of Wild Rides
here on the Farm...
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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