Sunday, June 27, 2010

Solar Oven

When we arrived on this little Farm, I had 2 requests. 1st, I wanted a Hitching Post to welcome our Amish and non-Amish Neighbors who might be drawn to use such things. 2nd, I wanted a Solar Oven. Well, I still don't have a Hitching Post, although it is on the Horizon. I am happy to report that I did get a Solar Oven for Mother's Day. We just watched the training video and broke open the Box this past week. Now, we have been experimenting. Or rather, Melanie has been experimenting. But I plan to get with the program soon.

In the last few days, she made a Stew of Canned Venison, Green Beans, Tomatoes, fresh Scapes and Onions, and Quinoa for Grain. It was simply delicious. She also made a Cobbler of Fresh Apricots and Black Raspberries. Yum. We inhaled that.

It makes so much sense to use the Sun's Energy to cook Food. We seem to have an abundance of Heat and Sun's Energy around here. Plus, at this season, we do not like to heat up the House, so we try to keep the Use of the Stove at a minimum. We are in Canning Season, so we cut down on its use for Meals. Of course, the Solar Oven had an up front Cost associated with it, but the Sun's Energy was Free. We didn't use Propane which is a resource of fixed Quantity. Amazingly, the Thermometer got up to 325 Degrees in no time at all.

We had planned to cook Green Beans which I bought at the Market, new Potatoes, Onions, and Bacon in the Sun Oven. But alas, it rained. So we cooked inside. The Human Plan often needs some tweaking.

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