Sunday, June 13, 2010


Our friend Matt stopped by on Friday. Matt is a welder, blacksmith and artist. He and his wife Sheri are special friends in the "back to the land" community of which we are a part.

We asked Matt if he would design and create a metal structure to hold the "mantle" in place for our fireplace. The mantle is a log from the Log Cabin which was the homestead of Abel Stukey and his wife Mandana Cowen Cunningham. The homestead was just north of Millard. Abel and Mandana would be Richard's Great Grandparents. The date of the homestead was 1843.

Richard's brother Hollis was able to save pieces of that Cabin when it was demolished for "improvements". We are not sure of the date that it was demolished but would be curious about that. Any ideas, Deleta and Hollis?

In the meantime, we discussed our ideas for the Mantel. As per usual, we contributed according to our gifts. Richard was especially interested in the strength of the structure to hold this very heavy log. I would like for the Mantel to be a visible tribute to our ancestors on both sides, recognizing the interweaving and roots of our lives in theirs and that we are ever growing, always seeking the light. Matt listened closely.

Later we took a tour of the Garden and visited a bit. Visiting is very important in these parts. Then Matt put the log on his flat bed truck, securing it tightly. And back home to his shop he headed. We are eager to hear his plans for the structure and see his creation. Bit by bit, we (with the help of many) are making this little Place our home.

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