Thursday, June 3, 2010


June 2:

Each evening after Chores and Dinner, we usually do a walkabout through the Gardens to check on the happenings. This evening, the light was golden, the air cool and calm as the sky and clouds danced around us.

Last night's rain provided moisture for our intense Plantings of the last few days, relief for the Humans and, no doubt, the Seeds/Plants too. Everywhere, we could see Plants growing and Seedlings emerging from the Soil.

Almost all of the Garden is now in place. Even the Big Field is mostly done. Hollis came over on Sunday and planted 16 rows of Sorghum Cane. Richard planted Melons, Squashes, Pumpkins and Sunflowers on the 2 sides of the Cane Field.

And I have a Funny Story to tell you about that: While he was planting Sunflower Seeds in a long row yesterday, Richard discovered Freddie the Rooster was following behind feeding his Hennies the Seeds. You could almost hear Freddie telling his Hennies: "Look what I have found for you." My dear Husband just smiled. He knew they'd get bored and quit. They did. He just went back and filled in some of the Seeds.

We still have some finishing touches to complete planting. Much of that will include tucking in Flowers here and there. I suppose you could call that the Art Part.

Plus we have the paths to finish with Cardboard and Straw. You'll note the Beds in the foreground of this photo; they look like Chocolate Brownies covered with Coconut. Soon that "Chocolate" Soil will be covered with Straw as mulch. Richard reports that the drainage systems and the raised Beds are doing what they are supposed to.

Gardeners/Farmers learn quickly that their Crafts are acts of Faith. We plant. We hope and pray for just the right Rain and Heat. We are in awe at the Great Mystery which arises at our Feet.

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