Wednesday, June 9, 2010


This Little Pullet's Name is Della.
Her variety is "Delaware,"
an Old Heirloom Breed.
Melanie named her
after her Great Great Aunt Della,
who was, in fact,
an Heirloom too.
Della, the Pullet, is 6 weeks old.
She has a distinctive dark spot on her bill.
She's very friendly and curious.
She's quite settled with the Humans.
Melanie says, she will go right up
on your wrist and preen.
She is a sweet little Hennie.
Her white feathers are taking on
the Delaware's characteristic spots
in all the right places.
I have a feeling
that Della, the Pullet,
has some curiosity about those 2 Leggeds
who might be peering at her
through this Little Screen.
Della, those are Humans.
They don't have feathers or wings
or colorful feet with 3 toes.
Contrary to companions
in the Bird World,
they weren't blessed with the gift of flying.
When they "fly", they have to be
in some kind
of big and usually loud contraption
shaped like a long egg with wings.
They may look all the same
but they are all different.
Some come in different colors.
Others have spots.
They have different personalities
when you take time to get to know them.
All (Chickens and others)
are beautiful gifts of the Divine.
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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