Wednesday, June 16, 2010


June 16:

Richard picked the Peas. His picking (plus a mess here and there and a few samples for grazers in the Garden) will be all that we will have this year. While we seem to have more this year, we surely have some things to learn about the growing of Peas. High amounts of moisture presents a challenge, along with the accompanying weeds.

This year we grew Peas in part of the Garden which does tend to heat up quickly. With the early season heat we have had this year, they have matured fast. The mucky nature of the Soils with heat meant they were maturing rapidly just beyond our reach. We could watch them, but we could not touch them.

When we eat these Peas over the coming months, we will have much to ponder. What are Nature's lessons for the Gardener here? We are slow learners, but we try to be open and we do learn.

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