Sunday, June 20, 2010

Black Raspberries

June 16:

Richard and Hollis headed out to pick Black Raspberries over at the Family Home Place this afternoon. We just love Black Raspberries. Mother even said we used to have a patch at our house in town when I was growing up. Richard says he picked about a gallon.

After cleaning them, he placed them in our Yellow Pyrex Bowl. If you are of the same vintage as he and I are and you are from around these parts, you would remember they are "nested" and come in 4 colors. Yellow is largest, then Green, then Red, then Blue. I loved them as a kid. They sparkled in the Cupboard. And they were like Mother's Bowls of Magic where she cooked up some pretty special stuff.

Richard found this set at an Auction, bought them, then proudly carried them home. His Mother had them too. A Farm Kitchen would not be complete without them.

And please bear in mind: our Black Raspberries fit into the biggest bowl. Later, Melanie made Black Raspberry Jam using the same basic recipe that we do for Strawberries. Why is it that Canning Season really doesn't commence until it gets really hot around here?

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