Thursday, June 10, 2010

A Bit Squishy

We have continued to have Rains. The amounts and frequencies are "above normal".

For the 1st 3 Gardening Seasons here at the Farm, our Garden matched the contour of the Land in which it was placed. When the Rains were in abundance these past 2 years, we could not get into the Garden at times. Gardening in mud isn't pleasant. Plus, it is not productive as it compacts the Soil and turns it into Bricks.

So with the Rains, Weeds proliferated. We once enthusiastic but then frustrated Gardeners watched many Plants struggle. Some made it, but others didn't. Watching from the sidelines was not the style of Gardening to which we were drawn.

Bit by bit, we have been building Raised Beds. Melanie's portion of the Garden was the wettest, or so it seemed. And the Water did not move off of it with any degree of haste. She integrated Raised Beds in designs inspired by Permaculture Design. Richard assisted with some drainage designs. We all 3 liked what we saw throughout the Gardening Seasons. Melanie could work in her Garden when Richard and I just watched. We are slow learners but we do learn.

Last year, Richard built 3 Raised Beds and, once again, we liked what we saw. This year, Richard built more Raised Beds throughout most of the Garden. He incorporated Hen House Straw and Compost, Aged Cow Compost, and Soil he dug from the Paths. Both he and Melanie put down Cardboard and Straw for the Paths, which serve as drainage areas. We 3 C's have also mulched all the Beds with Straw.

We are pleased to report that wet cycles, at least so far, are not keeping us out of the Garden. Some of the Paths are a bit Squishy. But we can weed whatever we can reach. Plus, we can perform other tasks too.

Yesterday, Richard built Tomato Cages for support for the Tomatoes. He built them from Fencing which he purchased at an Auction and Metal Posts which were given to us by Joni. I can't believe how well those Tomatoes have grown. It has only been a week since Melanie planted them. Before Richard installed the Cages, he weeded and added extra Straw as Mulch. The Tomatoes seemed pretty happy about the whole arrangement.

And those Cabbages in the background are pretty Gleeful. We should start harvesting them in the next 2 weeks. Kathy's remedies have been working quite nicely.

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