Thursday, June 3, 2010


Tomorrow, assuming all goes well, we shall embark on yet another adventure which is a marker of our Little 40 becoming a Farm. On the one hand, it may seem infinitely small. On the other hand, it's not.

We will be taking 2 Gallons of Strawberries to the Nursing Home where Mother is. And those beautiful Strawberries will be served up in a special way to the 80 some Residents.

No, we are not asking for payment. It is a gift and it feels ever so right. I see those Ladies and Gentlemen there and I know that they have known Fresh Strawberries since they were wee small. Many would have raised them and likely know far more about raising them than we newbies. Most would have taken great pride in sharing the best with whomever came to Dinner, and whomever had the good fortune to be passing by. It seems the least we can do to return that gesture.

So tomorrow we are taking Strawberries in to them. I consider it a Sacred Covenant to grow and raise Food for another, especially Elders. They deserve only the Best the Earth and we 3 C's can provide. Isn't that the way Food as Gifts of the Earth and Gifts of Life is supposed to be given?

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