Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Magical Day

June 12:

Some days are just magical. They aren't what you expect. But magic just seems to be stuffed all about. Rain was a recurring theme. Maybe the Rain brought Rainbows, although I didn't see any in the sky. It was a day full of Smiles too.

Richard, Hollis and Gerald went to an Auction down in the Bethel area. They stood through the Auction during a down pour, or rather deluge. Raincoats didn't help. I didn't see Gerald. But I know Richard and Hollis came back soaked.

We have this ritual when Richard and Hollis return from Auctions. If they back the truck up to the Garage, we know they have found some treasures. After they show their Treasures, tell their stories, and we "ooh and aah", we usually gather at the Truck Bed for some visiting. Visiting is also a Treasure.

Melanie headed to Wren Song today for a Workshop on Sour Dough Bread Making. The Workshop was great, but she and most of the rest of the attendees missed the last of it. of the resident Goats was having a Kid, right there on the spot, actually in the Barn. The episode reminded me of those times when I was trying to teach something very important and something out there trumped my plan. This was the best one yet.

Melanie asked her Dad if he ever saw animals being born on the Farm. He started a list: Pigs, Cows, Dogs, Cats... City life surely is constrained.

I stayed home on this day. Those days on the Farm by oneself are simply Treasures too. It poured at home too. The Wind kept coming from different directions so I was running around opening and closing Windows to keep the House nice, airy and dry. I just smiled through it all.

Ladd has this habit of barking when there is Thunder. He seems to be carrying on his own personal conversation with "Thor". So this little Side Bar was going on too.

Richard and Melanie had the Chickens all set up in case there was Rain, which was expected. As I am not a Main Chicken Watcher, the Routine is not as familiar to me. Some days, I still feel like the City Kid who is all Thumbs and doesn't know "diddly squat" on the Farm. I decided on this day to ask my Great Great Aunt Mary South Lorton (whom I never knew but whom I have come to admire) for some Farm assistance in decisionmaking.

During the downpour, I thought I should go out and check on the Chickens. The Bigs were doing fine. They were all sheltered in the usual places. The Littles were mostly in their House. However, 6 or 8 of them were outside. Two were dry. But the remaining ones were soaked and some were frantically looking for shelter. So I rounded them all up and tucked them away in their house. In the end, I was soaked too. I can imagine that the Littles were wondering why I was wandering around outside my House too. It is a wonder they did not try to herd me in.

When Richard got home, settled and dry, he measured the water in our "Rain Gauge". It was 2 inches. He promptly tossed it out. We have Rain expected over the next 3 days.

I am happy to report that today we harvested our 1st Cabbage. I couldn't wait any longer. I picked a nice firm one at Richard's suggestion. No, I did not name her this year, which is what I did last. But I can assure you, she is female. I am new at harvesting Cabbages. Our 1st Cabbage of the season was Danish Ballhead and weighed in at 2 pounds. (I used Great Grandma Matilda Waibel Brenz's scale.)

Melanie made Slaw and it was delicious. To round out the Meal, we had Barbecued Chicken (our own), plus Sugar Snap Peas (Garden Fresh too). In the meantime, I made a Gooseberry Pie from the wonderful Gooseberries that Connie had picked for us. We are trying to cut back on Sugar. So this time, I made a Custard Type Pie with a Meringue Topping (Recipe from Kay Young's Book). It was good in its own way. But it will take some getting used to. I think I will need to work on this one. Richard and Melanie say they will be there to support me.

And, yes, it was another beautiful day filled with magic right here on the Farm. When I think about it, every day is.

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