Saturday, June 19, 2010

Popcorn Days

Some days are hard to describe,
with no one theme.
They are almost like a popcorn popper
with innumberable kernels.
You never know how many will pop
and which direction they will fly.
Storms in the night
brought a grand drama in the sky,
plus a little hail
and almost another inch of rain.
We 2 leggeds and 4 leggeds
had disrupted sleep.
My mind is ever on our friend
who was seriously injured
with the recent Tornadoes
in North Dakota and Minnesota.
Life is precous.
Prayers are good.
After a slow beginning to the Day,
we visited Mother.
We always laugh.
Mother laughed and
told her tablemates
Melanie and I were silly.
Melanie said it was genetic.
We took fresh Blueberries
in for her table.
They were a hit.
Melanie and I headed
to the Mihalevich family reunion,
to which my parents always went,
and now Melanie and I go.
We are all descendants
of those early 20th century immigrants
from Croatia who came
from those same villages
a long, long way across the water.
A delicate web holds us all.
Melissa said
popcorn made today
is soggy tomorrow.
We have a rule around here
that we eat popcorn
as soon as it is popped.
Richard and Hollis gathered
Black Raspberries
at the Family Farm.
Richard brought home a gallon,
awaiting our arrival in the downstair's Fridge.
We made plans for Father's Day.
Until mid-day, the day is hot and humid.
Storms bring in cool air,
for which we are very grateful.
Melanie makes Blueberry Preserves.
Ping, ping, ping.
One by one, the jars seal.
At last check, 9 0f 10 were sealed.
Some Black Raspberries are frozen.
Others are set aside
for that Father's Day Pie.
Melanie made ice
for Homemade Ice Cream,
just in case
it is on the Father's Day agenda too.
Peas and Lamb's Quarters
wait their turn for freezing.
I cleaned windows
over the Kitchen Sink.
We talk back and forth.
Home preserving adventures
go more smoothly
with clean windows.
Melanie hangs out with the Chickens.
Richard and I tend
to some weeding in the Garden.
Garden is soggy.
Weeds proliferate,
but they also pull easily.
Will it rain again tonight?
Glinda Crawford, 2010

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