Sunday, October 16, 2011

Frost Is Coming

Tomorrow's evening temperatures are predicted to be 36 degrees, while Tuesday's evening temperatures are expected to be 32 degrees. A friend and gardener told us that when in the dark of the moon, temperatures hovering at and just above the freezing point are more likely to produce frost.  Well, here we go. 

Whenever frost looms, we get really busy.  Speed just picks up a notch.  Today, Richard picked 5 gallons of beans today. Tomorrow, we will be harvesting tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, peanuts.  It's time to dig up the gladiola and dahlia bulbs. We have each spent time traveling around the garden noting what is immediately to be done.

New friends Jim and Kathy are coming tomorrow.  They have just arrived.  They are the same age that Richard and I are and they are thinking about setting up their own little Farm in the area.  They'd like to learn what we have been doing.  Richard and I are both 63.  He is soon to be 64.  We just started this little operation 4 1/2 years ago with daughter Melanie.  It's quite an adventure to begin farming and especially when one is older.  You can't really work harder at this age, but we've learned some tricks about working smarter.  It will be fun to share time with them and to learn what their hopes and dreams are.  We will also appreciate their help at this crunch time.

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