Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Hanging Clothes out to Dry

One of the simplest of pleasures is to hang newly washed clothes on the line to dry.  This has multiple benefits.  We use the sun's rays and the air to dry.  That's at no cost to the Earth or the Human's pocketbook.  And those clothes smell so fresh and clean with their blessings from the Sun.

But is there more? That clean wash dancing in the breeze is surely art. We understand that in some places where people live they cannot hang clothes out to dry.  Some may call this an advancement in civilization.  I think not.  The Grandma's would shake their heads and point their fingers at this one:  "What's the world coming to?"  "What will they think of next?"  Melanie concludes the clothes hanging out to dry are prayer flags to live more lightly.  These days, we surely need more prayers on that. 

Shifts in thinking are present in our times.  Just maybe those "advanced ones" are thinking that hanging clothes out to dry is a mighty fine thing.  These days, it's becoming trendy besides.  The Grandmas would nod and approve.  In language of this day, you could call the movement "Occupy Clotheslines".  And one could smile just like those clothes on their way inside.

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