Monday, October 17, 2011


On Saturday, Julia asked what we had been up to here on our little Farm.  In the moment, I could not tell her.  This is the season of being in high gear.  Winter is coming. Harvest is in full swing.  With all the demands, we try to be grounded in the present moment.  We focus on what needs to be done now.  We do it thoughtfully and reflectively.  When it's done, we move on.

This morning, I downloaded some images.  What you will see in this little Blog entry are some "snapshots" of what has been happening here on the Farm.  It is not a complete run-down but it will do for a "taste" of the happenings.

We have been ever mindful of the lack of Rain these past 3 months.  The ground is dry and hard.  Cracks are appearing.  Melanie and I each made excursions where we snapped pictures of this.  One can almost feel the "skin" of the Earth dry and crack.  It is not a pretty sight.

Leaves are coloring up.  Some of the Oaks are turning Red.

Harvest of warm season crops has picked up speed as they don't like temperatures close to freezing at all.  Melanie and Richard worked on Baked Tomatoes.  These lovely gems are sliced into quarters, covered with herbs (garlic, basil, thyme) and blessed with some Olive Oil.  Then they head into an oven which is 300 degrees.  They slow cook for a period of 3 hours or more.  Melanie checks them occasionally.  The aroma in the house is stunning.  Melanie then cools them down and puts them in the freezer.  When they are frozen, she warms the pans slightly by sticking them back into the oven.  When they "break free", she loads them into freezer bags and pops them into the freezer. 

And we did get Rain, about 1.25 inches.  Melanie and Richard made a quick trip to the Pond.  Aha!  It is starting to fill.  Richard estimated the water was about 25 feet across.  Somehow, I had imagined that the water would be clear, reflecting the gorgeous blue sky.  Imagination is nice.

This last week found us in high gear getting ready for the final batch of Sorghum Molasses, which we made on Saturday.  One of my favorite things on this day is to watch the little ones grow.  They are amazing.  Little Dakota, who just turned 1, is beginning to take a few steps.  And he seems also intent on imagining that time when he will ride a bike.  In the background, the busy-ness of the Molasses production continues.  I am amazed by how smooth the process has become after those days when we first reclaimed the tradition in 2004. The pieces of production and the people just seem to fall into place.

I turned my favorite Farm outfit into rags.  It was tattered and worn. We try to get maximum use out of things.  That's what the Old Timers did.  We are novices at these things, but we are doing our best for now.

And we must not forget that on October 15, we had our 1st Pullet Egg.  I wonder who?

Richard has picked all of the Green Beans.  They will be used for eating, Dilly Beans and freezing.  He has them all snapped and ready to go.  Yesterday, he froze some.  Those for eating and Dilly Beans are waiting patiently in the refrigerator.

Stuff's goin' on right here on this little Farm where Harvest is in High Season and Winter is just ahead.

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