Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Kraut Complete

I checked on the Sauerkraut yesterday and it was ready to go.  We started it 5 weeks and 2 days ago.  We stored it in the basement and I checked it every few days.  Over time, we had a slight aroma of it in the house, which some Folks might find objectionable.  But that is just part of the process.

We packaged up the Kraut.   We did not can it.  The high temperatures of canning kill the good bacteria that are present in this "living food".  As we have learned over time, those good bacteria are essential for our bodies' absorption of nutrients.  Overall, we had 12-1 quart bags of Kraut which we popped into the freezer.

Afterwards, we settled down to a long time favorite meal:  Sauerkraut with Sausage and Boiled Potatoes.  Plus we had fresh Green Beans along the side.  We used "Brats" from a local Farmer.  That would not be our 1st choice for Sausages but it did nicely. 

Richard says his Mother used to make Sauerkraut.  My Mother grew up with Sauerkraut on both sides of her family.  In fact, we used a modification of Aunt Della Brenz's recipe.  Mother's German Grandmother (Della's Mother, with whom she lived) Matilda Waibel Brenz used to have a large crock filled with Kraut behind the kitchen door.  Whenever she was serving up Kraut, she would grab a handful and put it into the pot. My Croatian Grandmother Dora Budiselich Bloskovich would fix "Pigs in the Blanket" which we loved. 

Yesterday was Mother's birthday.  While she did not do much Salt as she aged, I think she would have liked that.  We sure did.

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