Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Note to Self

Richard dug Sweet Potatoes from the Whiskey Barrel Planters out front.  We almost didn't.  We were surely in for a surprise.  I had planted the Mother Sweet Potatoes there.  Those are the Potatoes that produced the "starts".  Since there were Flowers in the Barrels, I had watered them with Rain Water almost every day throughout the Summer. 

Would you believe that we had some beautiful Sweet Potatoes there?  They are not large, but they are about the normal size that we would buy in the store.  I could hardly believe it.

The Sweet Potatoes in the Big Garden did produce, but they were spotty and quite variable in size.  Some did not develop.  And of course, this was a very dry year July through September. We attributed the reduced productivity to the lack of Rain.

At least 3 factors are different:  (1) The Sweet Potatoes in the Barrels had more water.  (2) Their soil temperature was likely higher.  (3) The Soil was likely better to because it was compost and peat.

I wish we could figure out a way to water the Garden.  It doesn't look very easy at this point.  That's something to ponder.

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