Friday, October 7, 2011

House Moving

I have made a Rule for this little Blog that it is only to include happenings on this Little Farm.  I have also made a Rule that on very special occasions, I will break that little Rule.  Today was one of those very special days.  On this auspicious day, Beth Campbell planned to move the Little House that she and Jonathan have been constructing from the construction site to its nesting home site.

Yes, we 3 C's have been busy on this Little Farm and there are a 1000 reasons why we should just stay put.  But it was just one of those occasions when we drop everything, go, support and be a part of the happenings.  It is a celebration for Beth as her little Cabin is closer to being complete and as she puts down her own roots into making a home here.  Plus, it was a tense day watching the House she's built and loves head down the road, over bumps and dips. It was a tense day for Jonathan who has been a real crusader for Cabins on Wheels; he's put all this energy into this production and now he needs to "let it go".   Will it make it? How could we not be there for our Friends and Community?  It kind of sounds like a wedding.

So Melanie and I gathered up Food and Flowers for this marker occasion.  No, we didn't shower and we didn't take time to tidy ourselves up. That wasn't important. The most important thing was that we were there.

And we arrived just before the Cabin and Beth embarked on their homecoming. The Homeowner was there (Beth).  The builders (Beth and Jonathan) were there.

Jonathan had just removed supports so that the Cabin was ready to move.  We won't talk about the little bit of tilting of the Cabin that went on and the crushing of cement blocks underneath, nevermind that Jonathan was underneath the Cabin when this happened.  We won't say much other than Jonathan's instruction to Pray.  Prayer is always good, especially at marker times, which includes every moment.

The 2 little pick-ups were quickly being loaded with all of those last minute things.  The movers (Don with his tractor, Ivan with his truck, Dana with her pick-up) arrived.  Ivan came 1st and soon after Don arrived, Ivan headed up the hill to flag traffic on the blacktop behind the Cabin.  Dana was already ahead prepared to alert oncoming traffic.  These folks really knew what they were doing.  "I've done this many times before, sometimes many times a week," Ivan said.  In critical life moments, it's comforting and smart besides to have the best on your team.

The auspicious moment arrived when Don pulled the Cabin out onto the blacktop.  (It would have been interesting to test our breathing patterns at that point in time.) The parade had begun with the 2 trucks in front, 2 trucks and our car behind, lights flashing.  (I might have missed someone.)

We watched intently as Don took those corners carefully.  He slowed the tractor and Cabin when under the 2 low power lines which had already been checked and gave just the needed clearance.  About this time, I discovered that popping up out of the Sun Roof gave me a great view and some wonderful shots.  Plus, I felt like a "Jack in the Box" which was quite freeing.

The Little Cabin with her Parade went past the Possibility Alliance and there they all were waving and smiling.  Down the hill we went.  The intensity picked up as we came to the gate into the property.  Vehicles were abandoned with occupants on foot as the Little Cabin made 1st entry into her home ground.

Forward motion of the Cabin stopped as the Humans deliberated on getting the Cabin safely on site.  Critical decisions were made: to blade the area more to create a larger flat surface, to put a bolt into the Cabin which would be tied into another vehicle up the hill so that if it did begin to sway it would have some steadying support.  I can think of those times in life when it has been important to have a steadying hand.

People and vehicles scattered to gather the supports needed.  Melanie and I headed back to an agenda on our Farm which awaited.  For me that was a quick shower and lunch, and heading to town.  As I am writing this little Entry this morning, we do not yet know the outcome for the Little Cabin and Beth, but we will be checking soon.

Happy Homecoming, Cabin and Beth! 

Afterward:  Beth called Friday morning and the little Cabin is now in place.  A new chapter has begun.

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