Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Popped Sorghum Grain

We had an unexpected treat at the last Molasses Making a week and a half ago.  I don't know who started this.  Was it Richard?  All of a sudden a few folks were roasting Sorghum Grain Seedheads over the fire.  Those little grains were pop, pop, popping, just like popcorn.

Both Richard and Hollis talked about memories of Popped Sorghum Grain from childhood.  We didn't talk to Gerald who also was there.  I wonder what memories he has of it.  Apparently, a person could pop this in a skillet too.

As an aside, at this Molasses Making, Folks from the Possibility Alliance brought Cooked Sorghum Grain.  They had stomped it in a bag to remove the husks around the seeds.  I am going to have to get the details on this.  It was really good. 
Photos:  Felicia Scott  (Thanks, Sis!)

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