Saturday, October 1, 2011

Musings on Molasses

These days we are making Molasses.  While the work is great, complex, and intense, I am struck by how smoothly it all seems to go.  This is our 8th season since reclaiming it in 2004, after a 27 year sleep and a long family tradition prior to that.

This is a process done best in community.  People are finding their places in a very grand show.  Children play on the edges.  Principles tire or need help.  Others seamlessly fall in line.  And there is often music: bird song, strings, voice.  It's all mixed into one:  family reunion time, harvest fest, and community gathering to learn and share.

I see gratitude for a process reclaimed and cherished in modern time.  And every time we make it, we learn something new. 

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