Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Just About Full

These days, Food Storage areas are just about full.  I don't think you could get one more thing into the chest freezer.  However, it will hold some of our smiles when we look inside and if you pack them just right. The upright freezer has some space but not much.  When this round of food preservation from the Garden is complete, we will be canning Chicken and Deer from last year.  The downstair's pantry still has some space too, but it will fill up with this latest round, including the canned meat.  We are learning to be magicians in packing things usably but also tight.  We have the biggest inventory of Sorghum Molasses we have ever had. We are giving away some of the older batches.  If packed just right, the stuff lasts a very long time.  Folks we give them to just smile.

Abundance is another name for Fall.  We are richly blessed.  We are deeply grateful. This is bounty that the Earth and the Creator have placed before us to sustain our lives.  The thought of that fills us up too.

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