Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scratch and Sniff

I wish I could figure out a way to put a little button (or perhaps several) on this post that would allow the viewer the option to "scratch and sniff".  The aromas around here at this season are simply wonderful.  So what are the choices?
  • In this moment Richard is "cooking down" Sorghum Molasses.  We decided the last batch was too thin so back on the fire it goes.  Its aroma tickles my nose and really draws me into the kitchen and into thinking about breakfast.
  • We collected herbs from the Garden these last 2 days. They are waiting their turn for going on the dehydrator.
  • Yesterday, Melanie made Oven Baked Tomatoes with garlic and herbs.  They slow bake for about 3 hours.  The aroma is just lovely. They will go into the Freezer for Culinary Delights over the coming months.  I guess that means their aroma visits us twice.
  • Ingredients for Stuffed Peppers and Chili are waiting in cue.  Today may be the day. Which goes first?
  • Once in a while, we get a waft of the wood stove.  It isn't much.  You could call it the smell of winter and the smell of warmth. 

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