Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Frost Predicted

On Monday (October 17), we were in a flurry around here.  Freezing temperatures are predicted.  Lows of 29 degrees are expected these next 2 nights.

We quickly made that list of what was urgent to harvest, bring inside, or protect.  As time went on, Melanie scratched chunks of things off the list.  That felt good.  Very good.

Jim and Kathy from Chicago joined us for this day on the Farm.  They were wondering what it would be like to have a little Farm.  This is marathon time.  The finish line is in sight.  Energy reserves, which have been increasingly increasingly tapped as the Fall has gone by, are really important at this time.

I just saw a video clip of Billy Mills winning the Gold Medal in the 1964.  It won't be quite like that here, but that's a beautiful image and story to ponder, any time, but especially at this season.  In fact, Billy Mills' example is a great message of the potential for the Human Experience to ponder for putting our hearts, minds, bodies toward good in the world. 

Billy Mills pictured himself winning.  We pictured ourselves harvesting with everything that is meant to be coming inside at the end of Gardening 2011. Yes, we saw and see ourselves as successful in crossing that finish line.

While Richard, Melanie, Jim and Kathy were at work in the Garden, I stayed inside and made lunch.  It's important for busy workers to be well fed at this time. The Food needs to be vibrant and ready when they have that moment to stop. And it was.  We had Brunswick Stew and Cornbread.  The Brunswick Stew was mostly from right here on the Farm.

After we ate, the gentle Rain came and the buckets of produce magically came in side.  Please note those larger buckets are 5 gallons.  And also please note that these treasures will need processing soon.

I spent some time admiring those Peppers which is a fall ritual.  When they make that last trip into the house after the long Summer season and on a cool Fall day, they are jubilant with colors of Joy.  They make me smile.  In fact, the whole day does.

Video clip of Billy Mills:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l5vOhMwRQwI

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