Thursday, October 13, 2011

Notes on Fall

Fall is marching right along.  Trees have turned their varied colors.  The little white Asters are in full bloom billowing out across the meadow.  Those little Asters are the last to bloom before the snow flies.  Nature seems a bit worn these days.  Leaves rattle.  Looking closer we see that she is into seed production.  I can almost feel the energies of the perennial plants heading into slumber deep beneath the Soil. We Humans are in full harvest, but we can sense a time of slumber coming too. 

Those first few years that we were on this little Farm, everything was so new.  We did not understand nor expect certain rhythms.  Consequently, we were on a kind of continual alert.  The newness is still present because every day is a new day.  But we are sensing a flow.  We have a better idea of what is expected and we just go with it.

It has helped tremendously to take this season of intensity "one step at a time".  Yes, we have a lot to do, a huge amount to do.  But we take on each task, one at a time.  We give that task our full attention.  We complete it and we move on.  There is a smoothness present that feels right and good.

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