Sunday, October 9, 2011

Simple Formula

It's a simple formula:
Just consider 
effects of decisions 
on others,
those who are here now 
and those who are coming,
those who are Human 
and those who otherwise.  
If that decision 
results in harm 
to another living Being,
another option is pursued.
It's a simple formula,
leading with the Heart.
It's a simple formula,
considering the wellbeing 
of the broader community
rather than exclusively
one's own gain. 
At first, it is a bit of a tangle
in today's mixed up times. 
We begin to see a larger oneness
in our connection with the Other.
This plan works.
And as a result,
we enter into an infinitely 
more beautiful world, 
daily walk.
It's a simple formula:
Lead with Love.
Glinda Crawford, 2011

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